Designing solutions to complex energy and climate change challenges is an EU-wide process. The construction sector is directly affected by the strategic proposals Renovation Wave and Fit-for-55, which were presented by Ondřej Franek from Metrostav and Association of Building Entrepreneurs during the GreenDeal4Buildingsroundtables. The objectives of both policies, the Renovation Wave and the Fit-for-55 strategy, were discussed and critically examined as to whether they are really aimed at mitigating climate change and what impact their implementation will have on the construction sector. The demands for improvements in the condition of buildings and the performance of the construction sector required to do so are very ambitious and will potentially have a significant negative impact on the sector. Moreover, for some measures, specific parameters and targets are not yet known – e.g. the carbon offset mechanism for imports from third countries, the methods used to calculate the carbon footprint, the target number of renovated housing units, etc. As a measure, it was proposed to improve the communication of the implementation of European policies into the Czech legal system by the Czech state to construction companies and the general public.