Project Introduction.

The Association of Construction Entrepreneurs of Slovakia (ZSPS) in cooperation with the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency, First Building Society, the Institute of Education and Services and other partners from Slovakia and the Czech Republic officially launched consultations with stakeholders to fulfil the European Green Deal by joining the “wave of renovation” of buildings and the materialisation of its objectives. These consultations will lead to an agreement on targets and measures for residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, and urban infrastructure under the Green Deal 4 Buildings project. Today, buildings are responsible for 40 percent of global energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions. They therefore play a key role in reducing global emissions. Of all the sectors, buildings even have the greatest potential for reducing global CO2 emissions.

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GreenDeal4Buildings Project Goals.

  • Improved cooperation with stakeholders.

  • Organizing renovations of buildings into larger blocks.
  • Increasing the efficiency of public funding.

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Project Coordinators and Partners: