Zväz Stavebných Podnikateľov Slovenska
Association of Construction Entrepreneurs of Slovakia

Project Coordinator
Country: Slovensko

Web: www.zsps.sk
Mail: sekretariat@zsps.sk
Phone: +421 903 434 038

Association of Construction Entrepreneurs of Slovakia is an independent voluntary, non-political, open association that brings together business entities in construction, production of building materials, research, development, design, and other activities related to construction industry. The aim of the association is to create a suitable business environment in the construction industry, supporting the activities of all entities involved. As a representative of Slovak construction entrepreneurs, the association is well known by entrepreneurs in construction industry, as well as general public, and it continues to develop and maintain this position in favor of a transparent business environment in construction.

ViaEuropa Competence Centre, s.r.o.

Country: Slovensko
Mail: doktor@viaeuropa.sk
Phone: +421 911 421 844

ViaEuropa Competence Centre s.r.o. is focused on research and innovation of key technologies and product innovations focused on energy and resource efficiency, and the introduction of cyclical economy. It provides consultations and cooperation in the field of regulation of energy markets and financing of investments in energy efficiency. In addition, ViaEuropa focuses on innovation in education, which aims to create professionals equipped with sets of skills and knowledge needed for businesses to implement their innovative ideas.

Ústav vzdelávania a služieb, s.r.o.
Institute of Education and Services

Country: Slovensko

Web: www.uvs.sk
Mail: vzdelavanie@uvs.sk
Phone: +421 254 776 323

Institute of Education and Services (UVS) was established in 1970 as a contributory organization of the Ministry of Construction of the Slovak Republic. In 2002, it was transformed into a private company and successfully continued in its activities. In UVS, we focus on further vocational education, especially in areas as the construction sector, education for innovations in construction, innovative technologies, European integration, legislation, fire protection of buildings and personal development. In our programs, we focus on new knowledge and skills in field of innovation, construction industry and technological processes associated with energy efficiency and development of renewable energy sources. We cooperate with many experts, universities, and vocational schools. UVS has many years of experience in publishing, preparing textbooks, training manuals, video programs and online programs. Our goal is to bring qualified professionals who will apply themselves in today’s dynamically changing society.

Slovenská inovačná a energetická agentúra
Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency

Country: Slovensko
Web: www.siea.sk
Mail: office@siea.gov.sk
Mail: stanislav.laktis@siea.gov.sk
Phone: +421 918 857 550

Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency was established as a state-subsidized organization with the decision no. 63/1999 by the minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic, in effect from 1 May 1999. SIEA acts as an intermediary body and implementation agency for the EU Structural Funds, it also collects and evaluates data on energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources in the Slovak Republic, prepares documents for amendments of energy legislation, represents Slovakia in international Energy projects, provides free energy advices, performs evaluation of energy specialists, since 2007 performs government tasks in the field of innovation support, monitors and evaluates innovation activities in Slovakia and proposes measures to support them and since 2015 performs tasks of Technology Agency in accordance with the Strategy of Research and Innovation for Intelligent Specialization in the Slovak Republic. In 2016, following the conclusion of the Delegation Agreement with the European Commission, it became the national agency for the Bohunice Program, and is involved in many other activities related to the energy sector.

Prvá stavebná sporiteľňa, a.s.
First Building Society

Country: Slovensko

Web: www.pss.sk
Mail: jplsko@pss.sk
Phone: +421 918 477 174

The First Building Society (Prvá stavebná sporiteľňa, a.s. – PSS) is a specialized bank for housing financing. It is a long-term leader in the building savings market. As the first specialized bank of its type in Central and Eastern Europe, it was founded by three renowed European banks: Slovenská sporiteľňa, a.s., German Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall AG and Austrian Raiffeisen Bausparkassen Holding GmbH. PSS is constantly expanding its range of products for housing financing. 20 years ago, it was the first bank in Slovakia to start providing loans for renovation of apartment buildings, while from the very beginning the bank placed emphasis on the energy efficiency of construction and renovation. The theme of green buildings is a natural part of the bank’s identity, and themes of efficient energy management are firmly rooted in the bank’s internal values. PSS actively participates in the society-wide discussion on the topics of green buildings, as evidenced by the support of project GreenDeal4Buildings.

SEVEn, The Energy Efficiency Center, z.ú.

Country: Česká republika

Web: www.svn.cz
Mail: seven@svn.cz
Phone: +420 224 252 115

SEVEn has been operating on the Czech market since 1990, when it was established as a non-profit consultation company. In its activities, it focuses on consultation in the field of business development and economically efficient use of energy. Through its work, SEVEn seeks to overcome barriers that make it impossible to make sufficient use of the economically effective potential for energy savings in industry, in the commercial and public spheres, and in practical life in households.

Asociace pro rozvoj infrastruktury
Association for Infrastructure Development

Country: Česká republika

+420 606 640 251

The Association for Infrastructure Development (ARI) acts as a private sector think-tank for the public infrastructure of the Czech Republic uniting the interests and opinions of major entities, suppliers of project and engineering preparation, construction implementation, administration and maintenance, financing, and consulting.

Svaz podnikatelu ve stavebnictví
Association of Construction Entrepreneurs

Country: Česká republika

Web: www.sps.cz
Mail: sps@sps.cz

Association of Construction Entrepreneurs strives for a favorable business environment in legislation and economy policies in the Czech Republic. It enters into the drafting of laws with the participation of its members and experts and is a comment point for new proposals for legislative changes in the construction sector and in the social area. It presents the opinions and requirements of the construction industry at press conferences and in the media, with which it maintains extensive cooperation. The influence of the Association is strengthened by its membership in various confederations, councils, and cooperation with important professional organizations.

Asociace poskytovatelů energetických služeb, z.s.
The Association of Energy Service Providers

Country: Česká republika

Web: www.apes.cz
Mail: office@apes.cz
Phone: +420 603 894 354

The Association of Energy Service Providers (APES) of the Czech Republic is a professional association founded in October 2010 by companies doing business in the field of providing energy services with guaranteed result (EPC method). The current 28 members include project implementers (ESCOs), consulting firms, law firms and lawyers, technology manufacturers and universities. The mission of APES is to contribute to the continuous development of energy services on the Czech market, to standardize procedures in the preparation and implementation of projects solved by EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) and PD&B (Performance Design & Build), to cooperate in setting grant conditions and implementing new legal standards related to energy management.